Accelerating student outcomes through educational innovation.

Working alongside school districts and speech-language pathologists to deliver a continuum of targeted support services that facilitates program innovation. 


Partnering with Schools and SLPs in Arkansas

Challenging and changing the landscape of service delivery in Arkansas schools for over 20 years.

"Shelly was our biggest cheerleader, supporter, mentor, and sounding board as we moved forward with the [Educational Model of] Service Delivery in the Springdale School District.  She was always available to answer questions that came up and to connect us with helpful resources.  Her insight was invaluable and we are so thankful for her help and guidance."  

Shelly’s Speech-Language Services promotes the integration of expertise from speech-language pathologists (SLPs) into a school district’s programs and initiatives. Our solutions empower SLPs to deliver effective, efficient, innovative, evidence-based therapies, interventions, and supports to students demonstrating, or at risk for, speech-language delays, difficulties, differences, and disorders.

​The mission of Shelly’ Speech-Language Services is to provide education, assistance, and support that strengthens expands and innovates service delivery to students challenged with speech-language impairments in Arkansas’ schools through:

  • Consultation and Technical Assistance Services from general to project-based

  • Professional Development Courses and Workshops on a variety of relevant topics

  • Blog and Social Media posts for sharing and discussing professional news and resources

  • Store for materials, resources, and discounts on recommended products

Our Solutions

Support and Consultation to School-Based SLPs

Need advice or assistance from a trusted and experienced expert? Email, phone, and video calls for school-based SLPs and teams needing general or specific support, clarification, guidance, and/or recommendations.


Professional Development

Are you looking to advance your team's knowledge in Content Area I? With decades of experience supporting Arkansas schools, Shelly provides professional edvelopemnt on current topics relevant to school-based therapists onsite and virtually. 


Exploring the Educational Model of Service Delivery

Do you want to learn what an educational model of speech-language service delivery is all about?  Explore the purpose and value of the model and determine if your team is ready to begin the process of change.


Implementing the EdMod Service Delivery 

From your pilot implementation year to program expansion, strategic programming, training, and troubleshooting ensure you and your team have the tools to put your vision into action. 


Speech and language skills are essential to learning, social success, college and career readiness, happiness, and well-being, especially in the presence of a disorder or disability.

Innovation no longer remains a choice but has become an imperative.

Narenda Modi


Shelly's Communication Board 2.0