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Consultation Support Services for SLPs

Need advice or assistance from a colleague or expert?

Don’t have any time to research and review? 

Unfamiliar with DESE rules/regs, Medicaid billing?

Are you or your SLP new to the schools or isolated in a rural district?

Challenged by the overwhelming circumstances of 2020?

Looking for suggestions for new programs or practices?

Need access to resources or advice on complicated issues?

Providing services to students and families both virtually and onsite?

Do your therapists have simple issues to resolve or just need a review of the basics?

Want some help troubleshooting and reimagining your services during this crazy year?


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Individual Consultations

Via phone and video calls

Checkup 1

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Small Group Consultations

Via phone and video conferencing

Checkup 2

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Large Group Consultations

Via video conferencing or onsite

Support You Can Count On

Reliable research and recommendations based on best practices for school-based services.

Access to over 20 years’ experience providing technical assistance to school-based SLPs.

Access to a well-developed network of experts to call upon for up-to-date information.

Reliable advice/interpretation of rules and regulations for multiple state agencies.

Collaborative brainstorming, problem-solving, research, and support.

Peace of mind from getting answers with less time and effort.

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