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Checkup 2 - Large Group Consultation Services

The Checkup 2 consultation service is best for larger groups of SLPs (5-6 active participants) with quick questions or needing basic support, confirmation, clarification, recommendations, and referrals.  It is also appropriate for brief reviews of one or two (1-2) of the specific topics listed or for supervisors and SLPs who wish to examine district-level processes and procedures and discuss interpretation or application! 

Virtual Team Meeting

from $85.00

Brief Review and Q&A:  Choose from the following topics (or bring your own):

  • Special education due process

  • Evaluation practices & eligibility requirements for SLI

  • Medicaid eligibility for SLI

  • Troubleshooting onsite, virtual & blended services

  • Adapting goal-writing & prioritizing target skills

  • Data collection strategies & supports tracking

  • Caseload scheduling & management

  • Diagnostic interpretation & advice

  • Use of SLP support personnel

1-Hour Phone or Video Consultation

  • 5-6 active participants = $85 

  • Please contact Shelly about adding additional active participants

  • Add 2 weeks email follow-up assistance = $20 each

Checkup2 Subscriptions Available

Onsite Consultations, Q&A Sessions & Meetings

  • 10-20 Participants = $105/hour

  • 2-hour minimum; 4-hour maximum*

  • Add 2 weeks email follow-up assistance = $20 each

  • Please contact Shelly for more information.

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