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Meet Shelly Wier, M.S., CCC-SLP


Greetings Arkansas SLPs and Educators!


My name is Shelly Wier. I am a licensed speech-language pathologist with 22 years of experience serving as a state SLP consultant supporting SLPs, special education programs, and schools in Arkansas. 


Most of you may not know this, but I discovered our amazing profession as an unhappy pre-pharmacy major at the University of Central Arkansas in 1984 while pursuing an interest in sign language and deaf education. Ever since, I have had a career-long fascination for speech-­language pathology and all the ways SLPs can help people transform their lives by improving communication, literacy, and cognition, among other things. I have awesome respect and admiration for SLPs, especially those who serve students in our schools. Many of you will spend your careers "in the trenches" every day, providing invaluable therapy services to an increasingly diverse and challenging caseload.  It can be a difficult and thankless job sometimes, but I’ve learned that even the smallest of gains...a student’s simple spoken response, a parent hearing ‘mama’ for the first time, or a teacher’s smile of gratitude...can be what make all your efforts worthwhile.  Let me help you create even greater gains, with less effort, and eliminate the difficult, thankless part altogether!


The core values and beliefs listed below reflect my strong commitment to ASHA’s Communication Bill of Rights, to authentic, collaborative, evidence-based practices, and to appropriately designed and individualized therapeutic services, interventions, and supports that nurture and sustain functional communication and facilitate learning. Although I could not have articulated them early on, these beliefs have guided my work as a therapist, diagnostician, and as a consultant. They have driven my choices of training topics all these years and are the foundation for the development of an educational model of speech-language service delivery that restructures SLPs’ roles and responsibilities, increases collaborative productivity, and, ultimately, accelerates student progress and outcomes.  

I am looking forward to continuing my support of school-based SLPs in Arkansas with an increased ability to fully serve the needs of SLPs and schools and advance the outcomes of the students we all work to serve. I hope you will join me in this next chapter of my career! 


Core Values

  • Communication flows and nourishes human interactions on every level and in every place.  It is the vehicle by which almost all thoughts and feelings are transmitted.

  • Development and use of critical speech and language skills are essential to learning, social success, college and career readiness, happiness, and well-being, especially in the presence of a disorder/disability.

  • Speech-language pathology practices must be evidence-based… that is, grounded in knowledge and skills that have been, and continue to be, rigorously tested through research and the scientific process.

  • Students with speech-language or any other type of communication deficit deserve to be served by well-trained professionals/specialists who consistently endeavor to upgrade their skills and knowledge base.

  • Regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic (reimbursement) status, all students challenged by speech-language delays, difficulties, differences, and disorders deserve appropriately individualized therapeutic services, interventions, and supports, as well as instructional and behavioral strategies, that facilitate access to the classroom, curriculum, and community, help nurture and sustain functional communication, and encourage learning in the most authentic and least restrictive environments.

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