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Chat - Individual Consultation Services

Chat services are the best option for individual SLPs (or SPED Supervisors) with quick questions or needing basic support, confirmation, clarification, recommendations, and referrals.  Depending on the length of consultation, it is also appropriate for brief reviews of 3 or more of the topics listed below, especially for supervisors and SLPs who are

new to the job, the district, or just returning to the school setting! 

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from $30.00

Brief Review and Q&A:  Choose from the following topics (or bring your own):

  • Special education due process

  • Evaluation practices & eligibility requirements for SLI

  • Medicaid eligibility for SLI

  • Troubleshooting onsite, virtual & blended services

  • Adapting goal-writing & prioritizing target skills

  • Data collection strategies & supports tracking

  • Caseload scheduling & management

  • Diagnostic interpretation & advice

  • Use of SLP support personnel

30-Minute Phone or Video Consultation

  • 1 participant = $30 

  • Add 2 weeks of email follow-up assistance​ = $20

CHAT Subscription 

  • 3 prepaid 30-minute consultation sessions = $75

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